Loyal refreshment droid.


ilya-treleaven-rick-the-clumbsy-bomb.jpg Danky is not this droid’s name, but then, her name is several hundred characters in a language you don’t know. The nickname comes from her footsteps as she clanks down the hall. The notion of “she” is also a convenience.

Once the party finds and activates Danky, Danky will take care of menial survival tasks like acquiring food and carrying things. Danky will pick a member of the party to “imprint” on and prefer, but will serve the entire party. Under certain circumstances, Danky may be able to provide additional services or receive upgrades to her basic services.

Basic Services:

  • Provide Hydrating Food Paste (HFP, or “Huffup”) on demand. This nutritionally complete slurry can provide all of the food and water needs for your character and is calculated to taste like nothing in particular.
  • Follow simple movement and time directions, like “Go to that corner” or “go to the Entry Hall” or “Jump up and down for fifteen minutes.”
  • Carry up to 300 lbs. without strain.
  • Carry up to 500 lbs. under heavy burden, slowly and with restricted movement.
  • Make random choices. If given a simple list of options, Danky can pick one option at near-random. Works like a coin flip or dice roll.
  • Self-maintain.

Danky is not particularly clever, as far as you know.


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