Good old Ormond. He certainly is a friend in need.


2aee0ecb2e2aae6dc50df3a15681665c--large-purses-watercolor-pencils_1_.jpg Oh yes, Ormond. Your good friend.

Ormond is 6’10", lean, rangy, and careful. While obviously getting on in years, he carries about him the shocking air of someone who’s capable of doing anything at any given moment. You know from experience that he’ll make up his mind about something and execute immediately without any warning at all.

Come to think of it, he’s not much like your other friends. For starters, you’re not exactly sure where he came from. He speaks your native language with a slight, charming, unplaceable accent. You remember he likes to tell jokes, but he never seems to laugh at anything. He’s usually wearing a jacket and has his neck bundled up. It’s going to sound weird, but while you can plainly see that he has two arms, sometimes you aren’t sure how many arms he has. The right one, especially, throws you off now and then.

Where did you meet him again? The memory is evasive. How did you get to be such good friends – you must have had something in common. You know when you hit it because Ormond’s light-colored eyes glow when you talk about it together. But Ormond seems to know a little about everything.


The facts that you know about Ormond are as follows:

  1. His basic physical appearance.
  2. He isn’t from your world.
  3. You know him. You’re friends, or at least you owe him a favor.
  4. He doesn’t like wasting time.
  5. He’s rich, in some sense of the word “rich.”
  6. He’s unusually good both with technology and with magic.
  7. He killed his own father.

More will be added as it is discovered.


Ormond's Shuttle katlord